European Gems

The European gems that i fell in love with!

Having visited large parts of Europe, like everyone else i have some favourites!



The renaissance period comes alive as you walk through this fabulous Italian city that pays homage to the Medici family. My favourite part is the evenings at piazza Michelangelo, overlooking the entire city and the Duomo dominating the landscape beautifully!



Amsterdam is the most picturesque city i have ever been to. With well preserved history, spectacular art exhibits, tulip gardens and cheese museums, Amsterdam is a travellers dream! And there just isn’t a better party than the Kings Day celebration - it’s crazy! Crazy good!



A city that won us over as soon as we took our first steps. With pristine rivers flowing through the centre of the city, a fascinating church atop the hill and the air filled with the fragrance of Pralus, Lyon is stunning and peaceful - for some it is Paris without the hustle!



Paris is always a good idea! That’s Audrey Hepburn and she wasn’t wrong! A city that has so much to offer that it surprised me on every single day and at every single turn! The magnificent Louvre, the spectacular Eiffel or just the lazy Sunday evenings with the locals!



A city that was ravaged by the civil war but preserved some marvels of Gaudi. Modern yet Historic. A beautiful coastline and stunning landscapes of Montserrat. A football extravaganza that overshadows the daily chores! And food that is to ‘live’ for! Barcelona is traveller’s paradise!



My favourite part of this bustling city is the street art! The creative vibe in this city is just amazing. And the craft and art shops or cafes are mind boggling. The city is a live museum, much like Rome, but it doesn’t have that touristy vibe to it, instead its creativity just soaks you right in!

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you a plane ticket! And that’s pretty close!
— #TravelMad